Discography for Sage Reynolds (SR), selected entries.

In the City and Still Norway (singles), Life in Winter (independent, produced by SR, co-produced by Michael Feuerstack)  –  2022

Country, Vol. 1, Jordan Officer (Spectra Music, self-produced: s.p.)  –  2020

Parallel Line, Paper Beat Scissors (Forward Music Group, produced by Tim Crabtree). –  2019

Asking for A Friend, Andy MacDonald (independent, s.p.)  –  2019

Rêves américains, tome 2: La Grande Crise, Thomas Hellman (L-A be, s.p.)  –  2018

Six More Miles, Katie Moore & Andrew Horton (independent, produced by Warren Spicer)  –  2017

Entre le Jazz et la Java, Andrea Lindsay (Les disques de la cordonnerie, produced by Jordan Officer)  –  2016

2 Years in the ‘Mak, Franco’s Jazz Mofos (independent, s.p.). –  2016

Montréal, Baron Tymas (tymasmusic, s.p.)  –  2016

Musique et la santé mentale célébrons en chanson, Sin & Swoon (ProjetPAL, prod. by Sarah Pagé)  –  2015

Parade Day, Sussex (independent, s.p.)  –  2015

B’s Bees, B’s Bees (independent, s.p.)  –  2015

Blue Skies, Jordan Officer (independent, s.p.)  –  2015

Rêves américains, tome 1: La ruée vers l’or, Thomas Hellman (Productions Onimus, s.p.)  –  2015

Shepherd’s Call, Jesse Speed (independent, s.p.)  –  2014

Let Go (EP), Sheenah Ko (independent, s.p.)  –  2014

Victor Sessions, Jordan Officer (Spectra Music, s.p.)  –  2013

Thomas Hellman Chante Roland Giguère (l’Hexagone, s.p.)  –  2012

Life in Winter, Life in Winter (independent, produced by SR, co-produced by Marcus Paquin)  –  2012

The View From Seventh Sky, Robin Ranger (independent, s.p.)  –  2012

Émergences- Centre-du-Québec (Centre Emmaüs, produced by Francis Rivard)  –  2011

Sevens Project (Dare to Care, produced by Vid Cousins)  –  2010

Bouquet of Might and Fury, Courtney Wing (Proxenett, s.p.)  –  2010

Balkan Tales, Vlada Tomova (Kuker Music, produced by Vlada Tomova and Paul Ruest)  –  2009

Departure, Michel Berthiaume (XXI, s.p.)  –  2009

Winding Path, Vincent Stephen-Ong/Tom Eliosoff (Bagarap Records, s.p.)  –  2008

Foley Room, Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune, s.p.)  –  2007

Controlled Burn, Bruce Hansen (Bruce Hansen Music, produced Danny Johnson)  –  2006

On the Wall, Sage Reynolds (Sage Reynolds Quartet) (Effendi, s.p.)  –  2006

Clues and Lies, Lenya B. (Nathalie Matteau) (independent, s.p.)  –  2006

Clear Sight EP, Sage Reynolds (Sage Reynolds Quartet) (independent, s.p.)  –  2006

Satellite: LABprojects ’03-’05, Moondata (Moondata Productions, s.p.)  –  2005

Your Ex-Lover is Dead (Single), Stars (Arts and Crafts, s.p.)  –  2005

Les 5 Saisons, Naëco (independent, s.p.)  –  2005

On the Shortest Day of the Year, Robin Ranger Quartet (independent, s.p.)  –  2003

Under Glass, Sean Craig Quintet (ORA, s.p.)  –  2003